Quantitative Linguistics in the German Wikipedia (von Karl-Heinz Best)

This is a reference to the article


in the German Wikipedia. The article furnishes a first survey of the given research domain.

On the left hand side one finds links to other languages in which articles of similar kind have been written.

Within the articles, different articles are linked scrutinizing special themes in this domain. On the foot of the article, under “Categories”, one finds again the keyword “Quantitative Linguistics”; its activation leads to about 100 links to QL, hence using it one can obtain a broad view of this discipline. The parallel article in the English Wikipedia is structured similarly but not so amply.

This hint is associated with the proposal for all interested people to fill the leaks in different languages; one can use the present articles as prototypes and modify them according to other focal points, or even write quite different articles. In many cases, a look at the Wictionaries containing linguistic explications, examples, etc., would be advantageous.

It can surely be supposed that the significance of Wikipedias and the Wictionaries for international communication will increase in the future. Hence the invitation to their complementation.

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