Glottometrics 25, 2013

Glottometrics 25, 2013


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Glottometrics 25, 2013 (ISSN: 1617-8351)

Published by: RAM-Verlag  (www.ram-verlag.com)

Contents: See link to PDF-file at the bottom of this article.


Glottometrics 25 is available as:

– Printed edition (30.00 EUR). Orders to: RAM-Verlag@t-online.de

– CD-ROM-edition: (15.00 EUR). Orders to: RAM-Verlag@t-online.de

– PDF-file download from internet (7.50 EUR): https://www.ram-verlag.eu/journals-e-journals/glottometrics/

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 Abstracts Glottometrics 25 (free of charge)

Quantitative Linguistics

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