The book must be written in English and checked by a native speaker.

The book should be written in MS Word (docx). Please use the following template:

Series Template:

Provide corresponding author’s email and the institution, country and ORCID of every author. Please see Book Example,

In addition please consiter the following contents criteria:

1. Editor/Author Expertise: Editor and author affiliations and publication records must be consistent with the stated scope and purpose of the book.
2. Clarity of Language: For titles, abstracts, and all other published text presented in English, the language must be clear and comprehensible to a global audience.
3. Content Relevance: The contents of a book must be consistent with its title and show focus and coherence. The academic level of the research reported should be appropriate for the intended community of the book.
4. Original Content: Books must primarily consist of original material or otherwise make a unique contribution to the literature.

Please send your book to the following email: RAM-Verlag