Bibliography of quantitative studies in Chinese language

Bibliography of quantitative studies in Chinese language


Glottometrics 31, 2015, 76-84


Bibliography of quantitative studies in Chinese language


In the early years of 1980s, Zipf’s and Herdan’s work were introduced into China. Then a few Chinese researchers in linguistics and information science drew attentions to quantitative studies of languages, including theoretical studies of Zipf’s law and its application to frequency distribution of Chinese characters and words.

In recent years, Chinese linguists in increasing numbers are focusing on quantitative linguistics. Both of the theories and the methods of modern quantitative linguistics are comprehensively introduced into China. Meanwhile, Chinese researchers are carrying out quantitative studies in lexicology, syntax, discourse analysis and other branches of linguistics. They have published some quantitative findings of Chinese (Mandarin), English, Russian and other languages.

The following are 32 articles published in Chinese language. Each item consists of 4 parts, the translated bibliographical information in English, the Romanized transliteration according to ISO-7098, the original Chinese information and a brief summary of the article. The bibliography is sorted by years of the publications are in ascending order.

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