Editorial note

In 2008 „Glottotheory“ was founded as an international journal of theoretical linguistics, published by the University of Saints Cyril and Metodius in Trnava (Slovakia). Since then „Glottotheory“ comes to be an important forum for papers concerning theoretical and methodical problems just as empirical characterisation of language and text in qualitative and quantitative form. This considerable success is the reason why from now on (Vol. 4.1, 2013) the journal is published by the Akademie Verlag in Berlin. It is edited by

EMILIA NEMCOVÁ (Trnava), EMMERICH KELIH (Wien), REINHARD KÖHLER (Trier), and THORSTEN ROELCKE (Freiburg) in cooperation with an international editorial board. The foci of „Glottotheory“ are still (cf. Vol. 1.1, 2008): E. Kelih, R. Köhler, E. Nemcová, Th. Roelcke


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