Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope of the book series:

Monitoring and Analysis of Manufacturing Processes
in Automotive Production

e-ISSN: 2629-3161

Monitoring and evaluation of production processes, machines, control and measuring machines and equipment, as well as the regulation of production processes. The book series treats also the implementation and evaluation of these processes in mass production of components for the automotive indus-try.

It talks about the effects and results that can be achieved and which were ob-tained after insertion and during the routine use in practice. For the evalua-tion are used and taken into account also the different methodologies of the world’s automakers and the valid standards

The book series is interesting primarily for people dealing not only with ac-tual and standard serial production, but also with the development, produc-tion and quality control of new products for the demanding automotive in-dustry throughout the chain from examination of the requirements for a new product, its development its production up to the verification of the mass production, testing, validation and certification, where monitoring and eval-uation processes are required by the customer as well as by the internal quality control system both of the manufacturer and the service provider.